Within the Montoni Island, we grow organic Sicilian Durum wheat.
The growth of wheat around the vineyards has promoted the preservation of our unique identity.


Our wheat is grown according to a system of alternation. On the same plot of land, wheat is cultivated one year, and the next year, plants, which capture nitrogen from the atmosphere, are sowed, to let the land rest and to nourish the soil. These plants (fava, peas, common vetch and honeysuckle), have the natural capacity to “capture” nitrogen, as a gas from the atmosphere and transfer it back into the soil. This process takes places underground with the help of the plants and bacteria.

At Feudo Montoni we like to call it: “nature’s capture.”

 Il Grano in Estate 2


The following year the land “rests,” and now rich with Nitrogen, it is ready to give birth to a fresh crop of durum wheat.

“… a life lesson for us humans…”




The golden seeds are crushed under the weight of ancient stones, which extract the essence of the grain.

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