You will find the estate of Feudo Montoni in the heart of Sicily.

Since Roman times, durum wheat has been cultivated in the Sicilian hinterland. The wheat once supplied the Roman Empire (in fact Sicily was called “the granary of the Roman Empire”). Within these massive expanses of yellow durum wheat, the green vineyards of Montoni have flourished for over 600 years.

For centuries, the wheat files have contributed to a “natural isolation”of Montoni’s high-altitude vineyards from the rest of the landscape, creating “an island within an island,” where our ancient grape varieties are preserved.

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The Island of Montoni


The “Island of Montoni” extends for approximately 80 hectares, with altitudes between 500 and 700 meters above sea level. The vines are situated on a hard mountain slope, all east facing, in soil that ranges from sandy to clay.

Rain, wind, temperature fluctuations, altitude, exposures, and the type of soil create distinct conditions for the growing of grapes and for the production of wine with a strong personality and elegance.

At Montoni, the high altitude and central position in Sicily provides a moderate hot climate, with good levels of rainfall and fluctuation of temperature. The rain, mainly concentrated in the winter months, is enough to feed the underground, which the vines then absorb during the summer months.

The thermal excursions between day and night are between 17 to 19 degrees Celsius, which promotes the natural process of accumulating aromas and coloring of the grapes.


1) Heights      2) Annual rainfall      3) Thermal excursions


The winds that blow over the lands of Montoni, tramontana and scirocco, and the exposure of these lands support our certified organic farming.

All this allows us to grow beside the vines also olive trees and wheat. The plants, with their diversity, influence each other creating a bio-island that increases the value in every product.

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